Extend [2017]

Interactive through sound, Extend allows the environment to affect it’s visual properties. Working between pre determined parameters, the work exists within it’s own language defined by the use of shape and colour to sculpt it’s aesthetic.

Repeat After Me [2016]

Displayed opposite from the Whitechapel Gallery, this piece consisted of a ten-meter window space that was plastered with hand printed posters and the mantra, ‘I AM WELL, I AM HAPPY’. The bold colour scheme and repetitive nature of the pattern creates the illusion that there is a lack of structure to the space, symbolic of a backlit computer monitor. By acknowledging the presence of the individual in a vast and busy city, the work strived to be an optimistic break from the everyday.

New Text [2016]

Created for the A/S/L show at the CC Gallery in London, this work uses twitter as a means of interaction. Using the hashtag #newtext the work will take that information (in real time) and affect the growth of the piece. Each tweet equals one red cube to develop on the surface of the 3D Model. Eventually distorting it’s original shape and creating a new original form.

Inhuman {2015]

Developed during his time at the Elbow residency held at the CC Gallery. MJ created Inhuman through an acute interest with audience participation, researching the value of touch within art work he designed a digital wall piece that could be manipulated by the touch of certain area’s on a wall.